Thermal metallization and U.V. treatments

Cromacap, based in Carpaneto Piacentino (PC), has specialized for over thirty years in the metallization and coating of plastics and glass for third parties.
Over the years, the company has evolved numerous times by innovating and adapting to new market standards, and by always satisfying its customers in terms of its work, quality, and delivery times. The company’s inclination to strive for quality and desire to offer complex processes has led to specialization in the cosmetics and perfumery sector, for which specific skills and equipment have been developed in order to achieve particular coatings and metallization. Furthermore, a production line has been developed which is fully dedicated to the internal coating of glass for refillable solutions.
The experience gained during these years of activity, and the knowledge acquired, allow the company to perform numerous processing cycles depending on the specific sector.
Cromacap boasts skills and equipment to carry out processes in the following industrial sectors: cosmetics, food & beverage, housewares, furniture, car accessories and consumer goods.

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Cosmetics, food & beverage, housewares, furniture, car accessories and consumer goods


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U.V. metallization and coating

U.V. technology it is the most modern and performing on the market in the world of coating and metallization. The production activity is characterized by complete control and monitoring of the entire production line. Through this process, the products have high aesthetic characteristics, high resistance to abrasion, alcohol or perfumes, perfect color uniformity even in items with complex geometries and the ability to use all possible colors and effects.

Thermal metallization and coating

The heat treatment allows painting and metallization work to be carried out on any type of plastic and glass in any color, both glossy and opaque. The painting takes place with reciprocators in water film booths. The polymerization is carried out in static ovens with different temperatures according to the characteristics of the products used, the required resistances and the type of painted material.

Internal coating of glass jars and bottles

Treatment that allows the internal painting of glass jars and bottles for refillable solutions and for plastic jars and bottles. At the moment this treatment is in the testing phase.


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